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Is this your first time working on an article critique? Maybe you already made a few attempts, but they ended up as a total disaster? Whatever your case is, there is only one conclusion to make: writing an article critique is an extremely tough challenge.

Most students have a serious problem: they think this project only demands criticism, so they start discussing the chosen article without giving any credit to the author. Their only goal is to undermine the credibility of the arguments exposed in the article. But, what if you support the stand in the article you're supposed to critique?

You need to understand this project before you can start writing it.

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  • The critique offers not only criticism, but also evaluation and response to the writer's ideas, which may be either negative or positive, or both at the same time.
  • You need to identify the purpose of the article, as well as its background before you start critiquing it.
  • Without thorough understanding of the exposed arguments and an in-depth research of opposing stands, you won't be able to critique an article like a pro.
  • When you're critiquing an article, first you have to evaluate the reliability and authority of its argument, and compare it to current research and theory. Then, you will need to provide a comment on the issues it raises and mention the issues it avoids.

The perfect paper critique demands not only extensive reading, but additional research as well. You need to identify all strengths and weaknesses of the author's work, and you have to sound really convincing. Given the fact that your professors expect you to discuss the work of experts and you're only a student with limited knowledge on the issue, it's easy to understand why this project is so challenging for you.

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